Sifu William Wan, Kei-ho has been training Chinese Kung Fu for over 35 years, and teaching martial arts for more than 20 years.

He studied under two exceptional masters - Lau Wai-yip, based in Hong Kong; and Chiu Kwok-chung, originally from Hong Kong, but now based in Toronto, Canada.

Although based in Hong Kong, Sifu Wan has demonstrated and taught Kung Fu overseas, in locations such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Canada. Additionally, he has appeared in many local and international publications, plus he’s been featured on television in the UK (BBC), Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea. China and Hong Kong. Sifu Wan has also taught martial arts to the Armed Forces of Australia, the UK and Canada.

Three Styles
Sifu Wan’s Kung Fu is a synthesis of three traditional styles: Northern Shaolin, Choy-li-fut and Sun style Tai-chi. These three styles and years of dedicated study, have resulted in devastating power, as anyone who‘s felt his ‘ging‘ demonstration can testify. Additionally, Golden Bell chi-gung training has enabled Sifu Wan to  develop high levels of internal energy (chi), with which he can withstand potentially fatal blows. His training has also enabled him to develop an innate strategic knowledge of the essence of combat, and a profound understanding of the philosophy behind the martial arts he has dedicated his life to.

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